Maximizing Clients Needs
In any business environment, productivity is the key. Achieving a profit and a problem free IT environment is a crucial element to making that profit.We assist our customers in obtaining maximum productivity and profit by following a few simple rules:

We listen to our customers’ explanation of IT issues before troubleshooting

We never recommend more technology than
your business requires
We bring solutions to extend the life of your
existing computers and peripherals
We strive for problem resolution within 4 hours
We proactively analyze all IT issues to prevent reoccurrence

We provide professional services that help our customers make confident decisions regarding their IT infrastructure. We deliver those services quickly and cost-effectively based upon our customers’ needs.

Whether you require complete or supplemental services, we are there to support you every step of the way 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days per year.

Professional Client Services
Our services include, though are not limited to:
•    On-Site Support
•    Remote Support
•    IT Planning, Backup and Recovery
•    Account/Project Management
•    Security
•    Firewalls
•    Windows Support
•    Exchange Server/E-mail Support
•    Wireless
•    Remote Access/VPN
•    Data Cabling
•    VOIP
•    Mobile Solutions
•    Network Documentation
•    Home Network Design & Setup
•    Multi-Vendor Product Integration
•    Website Design & Development
•    Ongoing Support and Cost Control
•    Telecom Design & Implementation

We understand that every customer infrastructure is different and may require special services. We analyze the IT requirements to determine specialized needs and customize our IT offerings to meet those requirements.
How It Works: Partnerships Tailored For Client Solutions
STS Onsite partners with the best Bay Area service providers allowing us to provide the most cost effective IT solutions. We offer flexible, proactive solutions tailored to your IT needs whether you're an individual, new, small or medium-size company. As a strategic partner, we will manage your IT challenges while you focus your energy on growing your business.