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A Boon for Businesses ...... Ongoing Residual Income for YOU!   GMAF 's Newest Financing Program!
Consumer Installment Financing for Larger Purchases! Businesses can now provide Financing to their Customers!
You Become their Partner - Earn on every NEW SALE!


FROM: Dr. Andre Todd, National Money Manager,  Consumer Finance Manager and Financial Trainer
As A Consumer Installment Financing Specialist!        

News to Benefit YOU PERSONALLY in a Tough Economy:


What if you could provide financing to businesses on an ongoing basis by becoming their financing partner? Do you think that's something that might generate just a little extra money for you?
GMAF Corporation's New Consumer Installment Financing Program!

Now - You can begin offering consumer financing to businesses selling high ticket items whether these sales are completed in the home, in a retail store via the internet, at a seminar, radio, TV, magazine ads, through direct mail or through infomercials either for retail sales, financing to distributors, dealers or merchants in the United States and most provinces of Canada.

This is a BRAND NEW Program - So new, you won't find it at our website (yet) - The only place you'll be able to learn about it is right here - So keep reading... 

By Registering in the GMAF Corporation's New Consumer Installment Financing Program! You'll be able to offer long term dealer financing for sales contracts and customized financing for direct and retail sales providing customized financing for thousands of companies and small businesses. Through a unique private label program you will also be able to offer businesses long term, consistent financing for nearly any type of purchase which includes providing a wider range of financing alternatives than they may currently have available to them now.

You'll be competitive since your business partners will receive quick turn-around and funding on accepted installment sales contracts with customized financing programs that can be devised for nearly any type of business providing non-recourse or recourse financing on a broad range of contracts from Prime to Substandard for nearly all of their in-house sales.

To expedite approvals, if the customer is present at the time of sale, your business partner will be able to call for Instant Credit Approval and an immediate credit decision by handing the phone over to their customer. Both the approval and sale can be verified during that same call. 

Upon verification and product delivery, funds will be transmitted to the businesses checking account via ACH within 24 hours, just as if they had made a cash sale! 

In addition: You can now offer financing to Doctors offering elective medical procedures, for patient deductibles, co-pays,health club memberships sold on a 1 or more year contract anything sold via infomercials (direct response TV) where multiple payments will be received over time or any type of products or services marketed through direct marketing channels where the product is paid for via installment payments. 

Partial List - Check THIS Out!                      

In fact, any product or service sold to a business where the business owner either signs the contract as an individual rather than as the business or that a business sells to a consumer on an installment contract can use this type of financing - In this case this is NOT financing for the Business itself but for the customers of that business.

 What if a Company Needs Money Now?

 A business with installment contracts of a year or more like, health, golf or tennis clubs can sell those existing contracts at a discount to raise the money they may need to alleviate cash flow problems, pay for capital improvements or equipment yielding you a commission on their entire existing portfolio!

That's Right-You're Paid on Pre-Existing Business!
Companies can choose to finance not only their new but their existing portfolio for a cash infusion which would pay you not only on their future sales but additionally on the purchase of their portfolio as well. Minimum monthly sales needs to be at least $10,000 per month or more in new business, and profit margins should be 40-50%. Contracts can range from 12 to 60 months. 

And, since the business is introducing their customers to your financing services all the time, you receive an ongoing daily revenue stream as new sales are being made and new installment contracts are being signed - You're essentially becoming a minority partner in EVERY BUSINESS YOU SIGN UP FOR YOUR SERVICES FOR ALL OF THEIR FUTURE SALES!

Consumer Installment Contract Financing

A business may accept major credit cards for smaller ticket items, but their customers may not have the available credit needed in order to make the purchase for larger ticket items. 

 Consumer Receivables Financing Increases Sales by accommodating customers with nearly any type of credit make the purchase. Consumer financing allows customers to finance transactions without having to pay the full cost of the merchandise or service at the time of the transaction. Merchants will either provide for the financing internally, essentially carrying the payments themselves or they can choose to use an outside financing company. 

That's Where YOU Fit In!  
Many businesses find that utilizing retail installment contracts to offer additional repayment options for their customers to make monthly payments on larger ticket items gives them a way to make more sales and more higher dollar sales as well. It also enables a business to create a larger customer base by allowing their payment options to become more flexible.

Direct Seller Financing for customer purchases is an effective way to increase sales without having to carry the financial burden or risk of non-payment.

Consumer contract financing or installment financing allows
a business to immediately increase their cash flow and working capital turning every sale into a cash sale by selling the sales contracts for immediate cash once they are signed.

You can get in on the ground floor by Registering in this Advanced GMAF Program today Andre! 

How Much Can You Make?!         

You put the word out that you have exclusive access to these funds IMMEDIATELY?? You earn 2% of the gross amount financed on all interest bearing accounts and 5% for any accounts that require loan servicing or that are put into collection for non-payment, when they are ultimately collected. This is regardless of whether this is a new account or a portfolio purchase.

Even a moderately successful business can easily gross $5,000-$10,000 per day or more, which means you can easily be making $100-$200/day every day of the week- that's $3,000-$6,000/ month and that's from just one business partner!  

Remember, you're receive recurring income on each transaction being financed through this program for every business you sign up which can add up to thousands of dollars in recurring revenues being paid to you each and every month!

By this time next month, could you use an extra: $5,000? $10,000?? How Much??? 

Banks just aren't financing consumer purchases for most small to medium sized businesses at this time.  And with the state of the economy, there are more consumers with less credit available on their current credit cards and even more with problem credit that would have difficulty being financed by more traditional lenders anyway. So we're talking about generating some fast, serious income here - Perfect timing in time for the Holidays!      

Stimulate the Economy AND Increase Your Income!

Everyone is finding financing to be tighter than its ever been.  Here's your chance relieve that tension and help to stimulate the economy while you "line your pockets" with the commissions as they come raining down on you as a result of your efforts - Don't wait for a new job to try and supplement lost income - even if you could get one, and who's really hiring these days?. So if you're actually willing to do the work involved, now there's no excuse - Here's your golden opportunity to set yourself up in the best position possible since literally every business owner is now your potential client AND PARTNER!!

Incidentally - If you are a business owner interested in obtaining this type of financing yourself, but not really interested in becoming a broker, please contact us here directly at 510-836-1067 or reply to this email with your name, address & phone number and we will be glad to refer you to a local GMAF Consumer Installment Financing Broker who will be glad to assist you.

Don't Forget - This is a NEW LENDING PROGRAM - Complete new marketing materials have already been pre-designed for you - so all you need to do is Register and go - But there's MORE!!

While you're speaking to a business about financing their consumer purchases, you can now also provide financing for the business owner as well in two ways:
Act N0W & Receive 2 Money Making Bonus Programs

F R E E!!

BONUS #1: GMAF Merchant Checks Advanced Program!

 As a FREE BONUS you can now also receive GMAF's NEWCHECKsAdvanced Program, so that you can also include the 35 billion annual U.S. check transactions into your funding mix!

What if you could take a snapshot of a businesses monthly check volume and provide for both electronic deposits of all paper checks and a ONE MONTH CA$H ADVANCE secured by future check deposits that also guaranteed payment against all of the checks they received with auto-collection of returned checks built in?

A new form of financing in the form of cash advanced against their monthly check volume, which is repaid automatically by the paper checks they receive daily administered through a Remote Deposit Capture/Check 21 platform that electronically deposits your clients' checks, and splits the cleared payments to repay the funding advance automatically as your clients receive their check proceeds.

Not only does this allow your clients access to greater financing opportunities that have never been available before, it significantly simplifies and decreases the handling and administrative costs of check acceptance.

CHECKsAdvanced is safe, simple and convenient for all parties, and can be sold in conjunction with and as easily as Micro-Loan credit card cash advances - Except for the time being, no one else has access to this new technology but you - If you're a GMAF Registered Broker!

Do you have any idea what this is worth to merchants that accept checks? Think about how much new business you could be doing?? Especially since this is BRAND NEW and has never been offered by anyone BEFORE EVER!

Think about it - Used car lots, manufacturing firms, grocery & convenience stores, emergency care & medical offices, all of the stores in your local mall and strip malls- virtually EVERY TYPE OF BUSINESS can now be your personal customer!

This program is so new, the materials are just being assembled NOW - And will be provided to you as an extra F R E E B0NUS if you Register in the New GMAF Consumer Installment Financing Program N0W! 

BONUS #2:  Micro-Loan Merchant Advance Program! 

Nearly every retail merchant accepts major credit cards.

Now - Using GMAF's easy to obtain Micro-Loan Merchant Cash Advance, retail merchants can obtain an immediate cash advance on their future Visa/MasterCard sales and address a variety of business requirements they may have or use it for personal reasons such as paying a mortgage down or contributing to a retirement fund. There are no limitations regarding how a merchant cash advance is used - the funds can be used for any worthwhile purpose

Popular uses for a merchant cash advance include:

1. Purchasing inventory. Available cash allows you to take advantage of special deals or unexpected opportunities when they arise. Can you negotiate with your suppliers to get a discount of 5% or 10% when paying by cash? If so, a GMAF Micro-Loan Merchant Advance should be considered.

2. Growth capital expenditures. Use the funds for renovations, equipment purchases, advertising, business acquisition or expansion.

3. Debt reduction. The money can be used to cover emergency cash requirements such as tax payments or other obligations.

4. Down payment on business office purchase. Want to own your own business property but you're finding that coming up with the down payment is a challenge? This could be a great way to help make it happen.

5. Topping up you IRA or Keough. It can often be difficult to put money aside for an IRA. But by making a lump sum contribution of, say $30,000 from a GMAF Micro-Loan Merchant Advance, you would have $30,000 in a retirement account and up to $12,000+ income tax return or tax reduction (check with your accountant regarding your specific situation to confirm how this could impact you). Since many business owners already have a shareholder loan to the company, this should have limited tax implications (again, it's important to check with your accountant for your specific situation).

6. Lump sum mortgage payment. If you have prepay privileges or if your mortgage is currently open, a GMAF Micro-Loan Merchant Advance is a great way to get a large chuck of principal paid down that could help you save thousands in interest and years in amortization. Do it again next year and have your property paid down years ahead of schedule.

7. Home renovations. Get all those renos done quickly by obtaining a lump sum that could possibly save you money and significant personal time in managing such projects.

How it works
We average the monthly volume of debit and credit card transactions that a business receives and set up your GMAF Micro-Loan Merchant Advance for approximately that amount. A small withholding comes off each future debit/credit transaction (ie, 10%) to pay back the advance over the next year - secured against future sales rather than conventional ways such as against property. A non-reporting account, a GMAF Micro-Loan typically has little or no effect on a business’s borrowing capacity. If they have a couple of slow months, they pay less. If sales are higher, it gets paid off faster.

How to qualify
In order to qualify for a GMAF Micro-Loan a business must have been in operation for at least one year, and average a minimum of $13,000 per month in debit and credit card transactions. Even if a credit score is low, we can usually get an application approved. It's more about historical sales than credit.

This Program is being provided as an additional FREE BONUS to ALL GMAF Registered Brokers who register from this newsletter.

Ready to Get Started???

The GMAF Consumer Installment Financing Program® is a perfect stand-alone program providing an easy way to enter the lucrative financial service industry or an incredible upgrade if you're already involved

And, as we have for all of the innovative financing programs we've introduced since we started business in 2000, GMAF provides full training, complete marketing materials and ongoing support giving you the opportunity to get started on the road to economic prosperity FAST!

Limited Participation

This is a nationwide program - To give you a "head start" - We are limiting participation in this new Program until Jan 1, 2017, after which there will be a limitation. ALSO - Registration is tiered, depending on the support & training you'll require to get up and running quickly which breaks down as follows: 

 A. All GMA Registered Brokers with a valid GMAF Broker # can upgrade their current Registration to include the GMAF Consumer Installment Contract Financing Program for only $249 from this special and receive the 2 Free Bonus Programs as well.

 Use This Link & Charge Your $249 Registration to ANY Credit Card!

B. If you are new to the industry and have never Registered as a GMAF Broker, the cost for the GMAF Consumer Installment Contract Financing Program AND both of the Free Bonus Programs is only$349 as stand alone programs.                

 Use This Link & Charge Your $349 Registration to ANY Credit Card!


 OR C:

1. You can elect to Register as a GMAF Registered Broker

2. Receive all of the additional startup.

3. Training materials available to all Registered Brokers in addition to the GMAF Consumer Contract Financing Program along with both of the Bonus Programs for a total of $499.00    

 Use This Link & Charge Your $499 Registration to ANY Credit Card!

 Opportunity IS knocking  - Are you listening??

With no competition and new ways to provide financing that banks are simply not providing right now, what on earth are you waiting for? N0W is the time to generate some serious business in these areas - Today is the Time to get involved and go after this business as you'll have little to no competition at this time - So don't delay.

Questions? Call ME with your questions or scenarios.

Dr. Andre Todd
GMAF Corporation
FREE SUPPORT   (510) 836-1067
7901 Oakport Street #2450, Oakland, CA 94621
Hiring Hours: Monday thru Friday 6:00PM to 7:00PM
PS: This is serious business - We're talking about some serious money - There won't EVER be a better time than RIGHT N0W!

Need More Info?

Under This Program - You'll Be Able to Lend Nationwide to businesses offering financing to their customers in these industries:
Jewelry Sales 

Musical Instruments

Furniture Stores
Home Cleaning Systems
Fire Alarm Systems

Air Purifiers & Water Systems

Home Improvement
Pets & Pet Products

Energy Conservation

Floor Care   
Infomercial Product Sales
Bulk Home Food Sales
Art and Sculpture
Discount Buyer's Club

Traditional and Antique Furniture
Water Treatment Systems

Home Improvements

Piano & Organ Sales

Home Cleaning Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Solar Systems
Designer Lighting Systems

Air Purifiers & Water Systems

Medical/Dental Procedures
Home food plans
Pets & Pet Products

Energy Conservation (Solar, Wind)
Floor Care (ie; Kirby Vacuums)
Home gym equipment
Medical/Dental Procedures
Emergency Life Saving Devices

Mobile Transportation/Scooters
Hospital beds 
Wheel chairs
Electric scooters
Emergency Life Saving Devices 
Medical products sold to consumers
Radial Keratotomy & LASIK surgery
Elective cosmetic surgery

In-Vitro Fertilization
Dental Procedures
Orthodontic Procedures

Hair procedures
Golf & Tennis Clubs
Country Club memberships
Vacation Club Membership

Travel Clubs
And So Much MORE!!!    Register Me N0W!

OK GMAF - I'm ready to get started. Please process my Registration in the GMAF Consumer Installment Contract Financing Program and include the Free Bonus Micro-Loan & Checks Advanced Programs as well.

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Please process my reduced Registration for only $349 and include the two Free Bonus Programs as well.

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_______ In addition to the GMAF Consumer Installment Contract Financing Program, I'd also like to include the GMAF Registered Broker Program (normally $395) as well for the specially reduced cost of only $699 total. Please assign a GMAF Broker # to me and provide me with ALL of the additional materials to begin offering loans & leases nationwide, admit me into the Virtual Branch Pilot Training Program for Mortgage loans and - All Membership Privileges, Training Materials and Complete L0AN INFORMATION - N0W!!

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