In today’s world, tablets and smartphones dominate our business as well as social world. Zerotek is working hard on developing applications that can be enjoyed by all kinds of users. Be sure to look out for them!

About Us
Zerotek began as a couple of college students pursuing a career in application development. We've come to notice just how much the face of our society is changing because of technology and its capacities are constantly evolving. We want to be a part of its growth.
Zerotek is defined by these four principles.

Our goal is to take the complication & confusion out of technology, making it more accessible for everyone. This concept is a staple for all our creations and services.

We want to do more than build the next big app or create a great website. We want to revolutionize the way you use technology. Our dream is to create something you never knew you needed.

Developing applications, creating websites, and even servicing your computer is more than a job to us. We take pride and enjoy our work, it’s our pleasure, which is why we pay extremely close attention to every detail, to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Building and maintaining a relationship with each client is our top priority. We want to be a company you can trust to get the job done. Services like phone support is great tool where a technician can troubleshoot your problem over the phone without coming on site. If on-site support is needed we will walk you through your issues one step at a time.

Coming soon....

Application Developement
Zer0 Player
A multimedia platform where you can listen to your favorite songs, ensuring safety while on the go. Zer0 Player uses your phone’s built-in location feature to detect your speed and utilize a simplistic user interface for safer use while driving. Take a look at our website for more information.

A grade-calculation app utilizing materialistic design for college students. It provides not only a comprehensive layout of grades earned thus far, our app gives its users information to formulate a plan to maintain or increase their overall course grade. We give you big results with little effort.
Expected Release: February - March 2016