Debt Free Plan for Partners

Simply making payments toward your debts isn’t enough to pay them down—you also have to also begin living within your means. In order to stop increasing your debt—especially credit card debt and personal loans—you have to do two things. First, you need to figure out how much you need to live on per month. Run through our budgeting checklist to find out how much money you need to set aside for shelter, food and other living expenses. Now that you know how much you have to live on, your second step is to stick to set up a system that keeps you from spending more than this amount. Subscribe to one of the following:

A cash diet: You give yourself just as much as you can spend every week. This has the benefit of making every purchase more meaningful, as it is psychologically harder to part with cash than to swipe your card.
A“cashless” diet: Leave your credit cards at home and instead use your debit card for all purchases, making sure not to go over your weekly limit. This has the benefit of allowing you to track everything you spend, without racking up more debt. Make sure you don’t have “overdraft protection” on your debit card, which could let you overdraw your account and rack up fees.

If you haven’t yet, connect your accounts to the My Money Center to see how much debt you have. Most can be automatically tracked by connecting your accounts. Any that can’t, like taxes owed, can be added manually. Include these debts:

Credit card debt
Car loans
Personal and payday loans
Student loans
Small business loans
Taxes owed to the IRS

Also try to earn more, don’t just go super-frugal. Through GMAF together we will proven method of paying off  your debt. Use the Build Your Career Boot camp to up your salary and/or use creative methods to bring in extra income,  referring, selling  or writing loans and business to GMAF. Turning your hobby into a source of income to pay off debt.


____ YES! I'm interested in training to offer or refer Loans, Real Estate and Business for sale to GMAF - Count me in for training provided to GMAF Registered Brokers in my State listed below.

____ Yes! I will pay $50.00 to register, create and grow my business through GMAF referring leads for a commission source of income to pay off debt.

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